Nike Ignite

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Product Description

  • Ideal for players that prefer low spin,
  • Long distance and a penetrating flight off the tee
  • Hot and responsive core
  • Ignite mantle lowers driver spin and responds to aggressive strikes
  • Penetrating 408 dimple design
  • Permits you to hit confident scoring shots to attack pins

NIKE has added new materials and construction to the Ignite Ball so you can add distance and control to your game. Cover, mantle, and core work together to increase energy, efficiency, and accuracy. New hybrid cover is a blend of Surlyn and shear resistant polymer Cover is very responsive, highly durable, and predictable Blended mantle layer enhances the energy release from the core on long shots for bigger distance Mantle works with the cover on short irons to maximize feel and touch Core creates tremendous initial velocity with the driver and long irons Initial velocity combines with lower spin to keep the ball flying fast and straight