Nike NDX Heat/Feel/Turbo/Turbo Distance/Speed

Nike NDX Heat/Feel/Turbo/Turbo Distance/Speed

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Product Description

The Nike NDX Heat golf ball is a 2 piece ball with an alignment aid. Built for distance, the Nike NDX Heat offers a breakthrough combination of extreme distance, feel and durability.

Nike NDX 2 Feel Golf Balls: Nike NDX golf balls feature a softened Surlyn cover for enhanced iron control, more feel with your wedges and better scoring opportunities overall. The low-compression NDX core allows for a managed response and a quick reaction for maximum energy return and launch velocity, meaning the NDX is easy to hit long and accurate.

Nike NDX Turbo Golf Balls gives you a managed response due to the low compression rate of the balls. Enhanced iron control and increased feel with your wedges is provided by a softened ionomer covering.

Nike NDX Turbo Distance 12-pack of golf balls 3-piece construction Cover: New softer formulation improves feel without sacrificing power High-velocity core delivers more energy when hitting for distance Aerodynamic dimple design promotes a longer ball flight

Nike NDX Speed 

  • Softened Surlyn cover for enhanced iron control
  • Easy to hit accurately
  • Low compression for a managed response
  • Quick reaction for maximum energy return and launch velocity