Pinnacle Dimension

Pinnacle Dimension

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Product Description

The Pinnacle Dimension golf ball is one of the Pinnacle family’s newest additions, and promises excellent distance coupled with an exceptional feel.  Key features of this power golf ball include:

  • A 2-piece construction with a large soft core
  • A durable “3D” ionomer cover
  • A 332 icosahedral dimple design

Pinnacle have named the cover a “3D” ionomer cover – the 3D standing for distance, durability, and dispersion.  It seems that there are a lot of golf ball manufacturers out there who delight in creating fancy new names for essentially the same set of characteristics, but hey, if it sounds good, then all the better.

The Pinnacle Dimension golf ball also comes with an alignment side-stamp aid – again, an increasingly common feature which will undoubtedly assist us to line up those tricky putts (and the straight ones…).  The durable ionomer cover also gives the ball a toughness which ensures a longer shelf life.

So how does it perform?  Well, this golf ball does travel further than your average ball – for such a soft golf ball, it is almost surprising that it holds it’s line really well too.  It’s not going to save you or me from a slice or a hook (what ball will?) but with slightly off-centre or misaligned swing paths, the golf ball will try admirably to keep you in the game.  It also seems to have a higher trajectory than most balls I’ve played with, which is a good thing if you’re the type of golfer who sometimes struggles to get the ball cloud-bound.

So how about spin generation?  I’m delighted to tell you that this ball will give you a level of control with your irons which other power golf balls on the market just cannot match.  Granted, it won’t sit down like a Z-Balata, but I think this ball gives you a great chance of producing those “TV shots” – hit one of these up in the air with a short iron or a wedge, and watch it land and stop with minimal roll.  A major plus.

The Pinnacle Dimension golf ball also feels like butter off the face on the greens – you’ll get really nice soft, solid action while doing the business with your putter.  Couple this with the aforementioned alignment aid, and you’ve got a recipe for a ball which really performs on the greens.

Finally, the question to ask is “Okay, these balls sound great, how much will I pay for them?” – I’m pleased to report that these balls fall on or around the mid-priced bracket – you’ll fork out around $14 for a pack of a dozen – to me, this is a superb price for a golf ball which performs with gusto in all areas.