Titleist NXT Extreme

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Product Description

The New NXT Extreme golf ball is designed for golfers of all levels seeking Extreme distance without sacrificing soft feel and greenside playability. Featuring a soft compression, high COR core, new higher coverage dimple design and Staggered Wave Parting Line, the NXT Extreme provides longer, more consistent distance, while maintaining soft feel on all shots. If a Titleist NXT Extreme golf ball is cut through the normal course of play with a golf club, Titleist will replace each returned golf ball with three new Titleist NXT Extreme golf balls free of charge.

Watch the Titleist® NXT Extreme Golf Balls penetrate the howling wind and roll up through the entrance onto the greens. The new higher coverage, tour-proven 392 dimple design and new Staggered Wave Parting Line offer longer distance from enhanced aerodynamics. The ball's low spin Surlyn® cover provides low spin off all shots. The new A.I.M. sidestamp is an integrated alignment guide for better putting accuracy.

  • Core - Soft Compression, high coefficient of restitutino 1.550" solid core results in high velocity for  extreme distance and soft feel
  • Cover - Low spin, Surlyn cover resultis in low spin off all shots for lon, straight distance. New extreme white cover colour
  • Dimple Design - Improved, higher coverage dimple design contributes to longer distance from enhanced aerodynamics
  • Staggered Wave Parting Line - New, staggered wave parting line provides longer distance from enhanced aerodynamics.
  • A.I.M - New, A.I.M (Alignment Intergrated Marking) sidestamp is an integrated guide for better putting alignment.