Titleist Tour Distance

Titleist Tour Distance

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Product Description

The Tour Distance SF was designed by Titleist to be a compromise ball that did not too strongly favor any one aspect of performance. It has a relatively durable Surlyn cover; not a softer balata one. The liquid center is surrounded by a layer of rubber windings, but it is a thinner layer than those found on high-spin, wound balls. The compression has been kept low - in the mid-seventies - to improve feel and spin. The Titleist Tour Distance SF is a nearly perfect ball for those players who yearn for the feel and cachet of a Titleist ball, but who are unsure just which one of the company's many offerings will best suit their game. This ball is intentionally middle of the road in all regards. In this case, that is a big plus. No one will be too disappointed in any one aspect of the Tour Distance's performance. It is a pleasant, fun to play ball that holds up well in direct comparison to countless other balls. From putting to driving, we have found this ball to be a solidly predictable performer.