Wilson Duo Soft

Wilson Duo Soft

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Product Description

Get excellent distance performance with a soft feel from Wilson Staff’s Duo Soft Golf Balls. Players will love the soft feel these 29 compression rated balls provide. They are one of the lowest compression balls on the market.

Ball flight is straighter to offer more distance on drives by reducing side spin. The ball’s two-piece construction also improves distance by utilizing a large core that also increases ball speed. Distance enhancements are taken a step further by covering the soft golf ball in 302 shallow dimples to improve aerodynamics for longer flights.

Visibility is increased from dawn to dusk from the ball’s vibrant coloring with a matte finish. The bright neon coloring allows you to see the ball in low light or overcast conditions and quickly spot it on the green or in the rough. This added visual advantage has also been known to speed up gameplay. Older eyes will especially like the bright coloring because the balls are easier to spot in their peripheral vision.

Features of the Wilson Staff Duo Soft Optic Orange Golf Balls:

  • Its 29 compression rating offers a soft feel
  • Drives are straighter from the ball’s design to reduce side spin
  • The ball’s large core can increase ball speed and distance
  • This low compression golf ball uses shallow dimple patterns to offer more distance
  • The bright golf balls are easier to see in low light, in the air, and in aging eyes’ peripheral vision