Golf Course Etiquette or The Creature from The Black Lagoon

This story is about how one of our divers, and a golfer, both learned a little bit more about golf proper course etiquette - the hard way. Its told by our diver, Brett Parker, in his own words. 

"Years ago I was diving this ritzy country club. I climbed out of a pond to find three ladies – who had cut open a bag of balls I had collected earlier – helping themselves to my stash. I asked them to stop and they got nasty. “We’re members. We have the right to any balls we want.” I politely disagreed, explaining that I had a contract to collect these balls. They stormed off in a huff, no doubt to tell the manager.

Later that day, I surfaced from a big pond on the 18th hole and see one of the three ladies leaning over the water – held by a friend – trying to scoop out her ball with a club. Being young back then and full of beans, I couldn’t help myself. I slipped back under the water, wrapped myself in a bunch of stringy weeds, and then swam stealthily over until I was right beneath both of them. Then blowing my regulator for a big blast of bubbles, I popped up like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The friend screamed, let the first lady drop and ran. The first lady fell over onto her back side (not into the pond) and I ended up writing a letter of apology to the Country Club.    

Over time, I have learned better golf course etiquette, and now teach it to my divers too. It’s much better for business to respect a course, its rules and its golfers. 

Creature picture probably belongs to Universal Pictures.