Used Golf Ball Grades

Our Three Grades of Used Golf Balls

We find all kinds of balls down there from like new, barely-played balls to - well, you can imagine. So we offer you the best of these - most brands and models - in 3 different quality-grades. Choose the grade that’s right for your game and budget.

Mint Condition (AAAAA)

Performs like new. Clean, bright with minimal or no signs of visible wear – like a new ball that has been hit a few times. Player pen markings and logos may be present.

Near-Mint Condition (AAAA)

Minor cosmetic blemishes and imperfections like gloss-loss, abrasion and minor discoloration. But no cuts or damage that could alter distance, trajectory or flight path. Player pen markings and logos may be present.

Value Condition (AAA)

Great for beginners, or as practice balls for avid golfers. Noticeable wear including scuffs and abrasions – but not too many, and none from cart paths. No cuts or cracks. Discoloration, pen markings and logos can be present.

Wondering what used golf ball makes and models are best for you and game? Check out How to Choose the Right Ball for You



All our used golf balls go through the same process

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning 
  • Hand-sorting by brand and model
  • Hand-grading for performance and appearance

We carefully clean and inspect each ball (just not exactly like this)


Golf Ball Divers cleaning process
Golf Ball Divers selection process


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