Golf Ball Retrieval Services

The Golf Ball Divers Alliance is the nation’s first cooperative of golf ball divers. Our goal is to apply our co-op's core values of integrity, partnership and professionalism to elevate the state of the used golf ball retrieval industry for everyone, including the golf courses we serve. Sure, we’re members of the cooperative, but we’re also it owners. That makes us set a higher standard for everything we do. Here’s what we offer:  

  • Some of the most experienced divers in the business – certified and insured
  • Better care and respect for you, your course, and its golfers
  • Fast, efficient and safe recovery services using the most modern retrieval systems
  • High cash value per ball with with total transparency in our ball counts, payments and invoicing
  • Alternative payment structures including in-kind opportunities (e.g., tees, umbrellas, range balls and more)
  • A full range of other dive services – fountains, pumps, inspections and lost item retrieval

Do you want to unlock the full potential of the money laying at the bottom of your water hazards? Do you want to want to work with a company that's dedicated to honesty and transparency, one that respects your course, your rules and your members? Then trust the Golf Ball Divers Alliance. 

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