Why Our Golf Balls Go Further







The GolfBallDivers Alliance (that’s us) is America's first cooperative (or co-op) of golf ball divers. Co-ops are a proven way to help small businesses and entrepreneurs stay strong and independent in the face of big corporate competition. That’s one reason we started one. Co-ops also have a strong tradition of treating customers more fairly and supporting their communities. Ours is no different.

That’s why we try to offer you guys the best used balls at the best prices, and back everything we sell with our no questions asked, money-back guarantee. It’s also why we chose to build our new state-of-the-art golf ball processing facility at Lapeer Team Work’s GO Industries.

GO helps people with disabilities in Lapeer County, Michigan – the home of one of our divers. GO offers all kinds of support including jobs and vocational training. By building our used golf ball processing center there, we’ve helped GO create a whole bunch of new jobs. We've also done something cooler. We're the first GO customer to bring a complete start up business inside GO, creating richer and more rewarding job opportunities, and the dignity and self-esteem that come with them. If you want to read about it GO here.

Or check out this video story from Fox66 News.

Okay, our used golf balls might not literally go further, but they do in another way. Just read on.