We can’t improve your game. But we can improve what you pay for it.

Starting with a chance to win a lifetime supply of free balls.

The Golf Ball Divers Alliance is the nation’s only cooperative created for and by the independent divers who retrieve and recycle the millions of golf balls lost each year in the lakes and ponds of America’s golf courses. Our mission is to scour the muck, mud and second cuts of America’s 15,000 golf courses, braving snakes, snapping turtles and gators - to boldly go where golfers fear to tread – all with one simple goal: To turn barely-played balls into amazing deals for you!   

Our on-line store tees off here in July.  In the meantime, we’re offering you a chance to win a lifetime supply of our best quality balls (a $4,999 value)! Enter to win here: sweepstakes.golfballdivers.com.