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Product Description


  • The Bridgestone E7 is a 3 layer ball containing  a gradation for speed. Around the core in an inner mantel which lessens unwanted spin, wrapped with 326 seamless dimpled Surly cover. 
  • The Bridgestone E7 is designed for distance with a flat trajectory.
  • Add distance to every shot with the Bridgestone E7 golf balls. This E Series ball is designed to increase ball velocity for faster and longer shots. The larger Dual Dimple Technology reduces drag for higher speeds and increased lift, while the speed enhancing cored delivers explosive velocity
  • Superior design and performance make the E7 the ball for increased distance.
  • 3 - layers construction - speed enhancing gradational core, spin reducing inner layer, reactive Surly cover

• 326 Seamless dimple design with Dual Dimple technology - outer dimple promotes shallow decent angle for increased roll and inside dimple increases thrust per at launch for greater distance.