Grip Dry  4

Grip Dry 4" With Magnetic Golf Ball Marker

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Product Description

Meet the One & Only Original GRIP-DRY!

Before placing or dropping your extra club on the ground, either snap the GRIP-DRY® on the shaft under the grip, or place it lower on the shaft and slide it upwards until snug.

A product that is so easy to use…and has so many benefits…

  • Protects your grips by keeping them elevated from the wet grass, sand and toxic fertilizers
  • Keeps your clubs in plain view to eliminate lost wedges that may otherwise get left behind on or around the greens. It’s your “no club left behind tool”.
  • Saves your back & knees! No more bending over to push a tee into the ground or pick up your second club. Simply hook another club under the elevated grip…and lift.
  • Made from durable impact grade plastic
  • Great golf outing and promotional gift giving