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• The TaylorMade Tour Response Yellow golf ball consists of 3 layers covered in a soft Tour Cast Urethane, providing a softer feel and increased spin with maximum durability. The High Spring Core gives this  ball ultra low 40 compression, making long drives effortless. A golfer will enjoy a high Wedge Spin with this golf ball, along with longer distance and faster speed. The Tour Response Yellow cover maximizes visibility even on the cloudy days.

  • NEW TOUR FLIGHT DIMPLE PATTERN: The Tour Flight Dimple Pattern unlocks next level aerodynamics while promoting maximum distances. This Tour proven technology, which is found in TP5/TP5X, has been added to Tour Response for the first time.
  • 100% URETHANE COVER: Tour Response is engineered to respond to your game with a 100% urethane cover for added green side spin and better feel vs ionomer. The soft material helps wedge grooves better grip the ball on shots into the green, while maintaining shear resistance and greater durability.
  • SOFT FEEL: This low  70 compression design with a HI Spring Core is made for pushing boundaries of ball speed in a soft feeling golf ball.
  • DESIGNED FOR FAST BALL SPEEDS: The 3 piece construction of Tour Response was designed to maximize energy transfer and produce fast ball speeds. A new Speedmantle™ white HFM surrounds the low compression core, helping the ball explode off the face at impact.
  • CAST URETHANE COVER: A soft, cast urethane cover is designed to increase green side spin. A cross linking chemical reaction forms the urethane material, which creates an irreversible link for improved shear resistance and greater durability.
  • TOUR FLIGHT DIMPLE: The new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern unlocks the next level of aerodynamics while promoting maximum carry distances.
  • SPEEDMANTLE™ WITH HFM: A firmer second layer surrounds the soft inner core nd allows for an explosive transfer of energy and fast ball speeds.