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Product Description


• The Titleist Pro V1X 2021 offers total performance and features longer distance, high trajectory, low long game spin, increased Drop - and -Stop green side control and softer feel.


  • Extraordinary Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Low long Game Spin
  • High Trajectory
  • Drop - and - Stop Short Game Control
  • Soft Feel
  • Total Performance with Hight Flight

• CORE: A reformulated 2.0 ZG Process dual core delivers increased distance.

• COVER: New, softer cut urethane elastomer cover -  the softest cover formulation ever used on Pro V1Z -  increases green side spin for more control in the short game.

• CASING LAYER: The faster high flex casing layer adds speed and lowers long game spin. This highly -  resilient ionomer was initially developed for and validated by Pro V1x Left dash.