Bridgestone offers top brand, used golf balls for less than half the price of new. These include pre-owned Bridgestone top-sellers like the Bridgestone Tour B330, Bridgestone e6, and the most popular lady’s golf ball – the Bridgestone Lady Precept.

According to Bridgestone, the B330 features the TOURcore designed to increase ball speed and distance, and a SlipRes cover for maximum greenside performance and less spin off the driver. The Bridgestone e6’s newly engineered WEB Dimple design enhances surface coverage for improved flight and distance. The Lady Precept, is engineered for moderate swing speeds to produce higher launch and lower spin off the driver for longer distance and carry, and soft feel from tee to green.

These and our other Bridgestone used golf balls, all come in three different grades – Mint condition (AAAAA /5A) golf balls, Near Mint condition (AAAA / 4A) and Value condition (AAA / 3A).

GRADING SCALE A Golf ball diver searching for image
White Mint (AAAAA) / 48 Mesh Bag
$44.99 /dz
White Mint (AAAAA) / 100 Mesh Bag
$79.99 /dz
White Near Mint (AAAA) / 48 Mesh Bag
$34.99 /dz
White Near Mint (AAAA) / 100 Mesh Bag
$64.99 /dz
White Value (AAA) / 48 Mesh Bag
$29.99 /dz
White Value (AAA) / 100 Mesh Bag
$59.99 /dz
GRADING SCALE Bridgestone Mix
Mint (AAAAA)
$11.99 /dz
Near Mint (AAAA)
$9.99 /dz
Value (AAA)
$7.99 /dz